Ashtanga Studio Berlin

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive

March till October 2014
An advanced training course in traditional Ashtanga Yoga
with Andrea Lutz & Aris Kapetanakis

Ashtanga Yoga - a challenging Yoga practice.

This course focuses on teaching Ashtanga Yoga in an individual "one-on-one" basis within a group setting (Mysore style). The aim is to deliver a Yoga practice that corresponds individually to each student. It is the best method to ensure that everyone learns Ashtanga Yoga in a safe way, regardless of age and previous knowledge. This way of teaching requires a reliable and sound knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga, human Anatomy and Physiology, verbal and nonverbal guidance and support of students, as well as a profound analysis and understanding of Yoga itself with all its aspects.


  • Andrea Lutz Yoga practice, -technique and teaching methods, adjustment training
  • Aris Kapetanakis Yoga practice, -technique and teaching methods, adjustment training
  • Andrea Kohler (Anatomy/Physiology)
  • Dr. Oliver Hellwig Yoga History and Philosophie
  • Manju P. Jois one week teachers training

About the training:
The training course focuses on: Yoga practice, Yoga technique, teaching methods, adjustment training, Anatomy, Living Anatomy, Physiology, Yoga philosophy, the history of Yoga in India, basic principles of a healthy and balanced diet, and the participation in one intensives week (workshop & teachers training "Primary Series") with Manju P. Jois, to connect with the source of Ashtang Yoga.

This advanced training course is offered to all Yoga teachers and Yoga teacher trainees. Advanced long-time practitioners without teaching ambitions are also welcome to participate in order to get a deeper insight into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. This course is designed to provide continuous accompaniment and support of your own practice as well as your teaching activity.

In total this training includes around 200 teaching units, 45 minutes each.

2014: 5. - 9. March, 1. - 4. May, 27. - 31. August, 2. - 5. October

Intensive week with Manju P. Jois: 28 June to 4 July 2014

If you are interested in the training you can order a detailed curriculum ยป Contact

Manju P. Jois and Nancy Gilgoff
will join us again at Ashtanga Studio Berlin in 2014.